Sand Surfing experience

Alongside 90-miles beach not far from Cape Reinga there are beautiful sand dunes. Being a center of extreme sports and entertainments, New Zealand offers sand-surfing here. Of course, I was curious to try 🏄🏻‍♀️ It feels more like… More




How to travel across New Zealand?

I traveled 2000 km on the North island roads, 1000 km on my own and 1000 more by buses 🚙 In my opinion a car or a van is definitely the best way to explore the country👍🏻And do not worry about the left-side driving, it’s very safe. There are lot of signs and … More




Fence or free land?

What I did not like in New Zealand is that all the green fields are private and protected ⛔️After Norway and Iceland, where you could walk almost wherever you want, it was unusual to see beautiful landscape across the road but do not have an opportunity to get closer because of the fence 🚷 … More





How I appeared alone inside an ice cave in Arctic

While getting ready for a trip to Arctic, I imagined wild frosty places with snowy roads, couple of residential buildings in kilometers from each other and pure infrastructure – with no shops, no cafes but one municipal building. Hanging out all day in Longyear, the capital of Spitsbergen, seemed… More



How to get your ultimate dream out of the shell

I’m on the plane again. I’m flying! To onquer new countries, new horizons, great spaces of my home – the planet Earth. I look through the passport … Its pages are printed only 1,5 years ago, and already are filled with visas and stamps. I am glad. After all, these are not just pictures – they are symbols of my … More