How to get your ultimate dream out of the shell


I’m on the plane again. I’m flying! To onquer new countries, new horizons, great spaces of my home – the planet Earth.

I look through the passport … Its pages are printed only 1,5 years ago, and already are filled with visas and stamps. I am glad. After all, these are not just pictures – they are symbols of my dreams, miracles that were fulfilled.

I can not believe that I visited 8 countries in 1,5 years, spent 3 months abroad… Only a short time ago it seemed impossible. It seemed impossible to collect the right amount of money in a year, to take a 4-month vacation at work, to make round-the-world trip, to go on a trip alone. You know, these continue to seem impossible! But, when I open my passport, I see that it is possible. It’s already happened!

My horizons widened immensely. What once seemed remote and inaccessible, ceased to be so. The earth has become for me one single home. And people of different continents are now closer and more understandable.

For this year I visited Greece, Turkey, Japan, Argentina … These trips were outstanding and memorable, but today I will tell you about something more grandiose. Something that each of us cherishes in our hearts. Something that we carefully store in a secret room known only to us, to which we return, being alone, in moments of joy and sadness. Something that seems impossible to us, but still we hope – someday it will come true. After 5, 10, and maybe 20 years …


Feel what I mean? Surely you have now warmed up in your heart and children’s sparks appeared in your eyes … Maybe you felt joy, maybe love, or maybe you felt a little sad? Somehow you touched it – YOUR ULTIMATE DREAM.

My ultimate dream is a trip around the world. Every year, when I came to the village, I ran to the meadow with a bunch of school atlases, lay down under a tree, burying myself in green grass and fantasizing about the countries that I will visit, about the routes, the season of the year, about the duration. It came to the point that I was looking for air tickets, selecting the desired hours and transfers. Did I seriously think about it? No! How could I? This is impossible! Now. But someday – be sure! Maybe in 20 years, when I will accumulate enough money and find the right company… I was just enjoying to fantasize. It was later that I realized – such fantasies are called the “ULTIMATE DREAM”.


A year and a half ago, life circumstances made me think about the meaning of my existence. I felt the need and decided to be happy. And I realized that there would be no other chance to fulfil my dreams but now.

I was inspired by examples of other people who worked hard to fulfill their dreams. And I thought – wow !!! If they can, why I can not? I did not even think about it. And if I start? If I admit that I can make round-the-world trip in the next year? .. Wow, how scary !!! So many questions at once – what about money, and with whom, and where to leave my cat, etc.?

Forget about it! I’m afraid of these thoughts even now! Although I did that, I still feel fear. After all, fear does not go away. Fear is an instinct, it can not be removed. Fear is actually great. The more you are afraid, the better you can do! Just do not let your fear to be the boss.

You are the boss. Your ULTIMATE DREAM is the most valuable thing you have. It is your true path.

And I thought: “Maybe I can? Imagine only, make round-the-world trip next year!..” Now I dreamed and fantasized in the context of “I could do it next year!.. If I want.” Six months later I thought: “I want!” –  I realized and accepted this fantasy, as my dream. And believe me, it’s not easy to get it from the secret room to a world where it’s not safe, because it’s so customary to keep it there, to come back to it when you want…


After another 3 months, I announced my intention at work. I did not know whether they would give me a 4-month vacation and was ready to leave. But they gave. Then I started planning my trip and actually established the date 2 months prior a trip. Further preparations combined with daily commitments haven’t left any time for doubts. And I was not thinking, I just did. The experience of previous trips and budget planning has undoubtedly helped me a lot. I realized that 2-years or even 4-months round-the-world trip, which I fantasized about, would be for me an excessive way out of the comfort zone, while 2 months trip is just right. I’m not following the standards, I’m doing it for myself, which means in the way it’s comfortable for me.


I found a company for the 1st half of the trip, the 2nd half I did by myself and it was cool! I met kind people and made new friends all over the world. During my absence, my cat made new friends. At work, my position was kept. I collected the money and it appeared to be enough.

And, most importantly, I fulfilled my dream.

Will I remember the difficulties, preparations, amount of money spent in 2 years? Hardly. But I will definitely remember my 1st round-the-world trip, turning over the pages of my passport with my photo and colorful stamps …

What is YOUR ULTIMATE DREAM? What are you fantasizing about? What floats before your eyes time after time, leaving incredibly pleasant feeling, as if you’ve just visited a fairy tale?.. Imagined? And now think: “It’s POSSIBLE.” Your ULTIMATE DREAM is a gem. And it can come true in the near future. If you really want… 😉

(Originally posted on 10/02/2014 in Russian in the women’s club “Want to Fly”)


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